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    Natural oasis Stegerhof

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  • Hay-bath

    mountain herbs and meadow-flowers

Everybody’s talking about „wellness“. Sometimes it creates the impression that relaxing and regenerating are currently worldwide trends. But lots of methods for health and well-being are as old as humanity itself.  Even here in the mountain-area the vital-traditions found their origin many centuries ago. Additional to the farm-building the natural oasis offers pure relaxation with proven recipes and selected products.

Hay-bath 45 €, Kraxenofen 20 €, Cleopatra bath 40 €, Infrared sauna 12 €, Sabbia-Med 28 €, Bauer sauna 30€, Bathing bag 10 € ( Bathrobe and bath towel )


Our Sabbia-Meditation is certainly exotic. After all South-Tyrols south even offers palm trees...

Sabbia Meditation

Our “Bauernsauna” combines the worlds probably oldest vital tradition with the South-Tyrolean charm.

Farmers sauna

You liked the sauna and the hay-bath was an “aaaaaah-experience”? Then we recommend you try the “Kraxenofen”.


Paddling – nothing is easier than that, but often the simplest methods have the biggest effect.


We guarantee you will feel like an Egyptian, pardon, South-Tyrolean queen.

Cleopatra bath

By the 19th century, the hay-bath-cure was well-known to the South Tyrol public.

Hay bath

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